HTML Introduction


HTML Introduction

What is Html ?

Why Learn HTML from CodePlannet.Com :

Html or Html5 tutorials provide basic and advance concepts of HTML. Our Html tutorial is developed for beginners and professionals. In these tutorials, every lecture is given step by step so that you can learn it in easy way. If you are new to learning html, then you can learn HTML from basic to advanced level  for free from Codeplannet and after learning html , css , javascript , jquery and bootstrap you will be able to create very interactive websites for your own and for your clients to which you can sell websites and can earn a lot of money by doing job of website developer.

But In these Html Lectures firstly we will focus on Html only, after learning html you can learn Css , javascript , jquery , bootstrap , php , or mysql for free from codeplannet. Now definition of html is given below so let's get started.

Definition of HTML :

Html stands for Hypertext markup language . Html is used for designing structure of a web page, here are some of the features of html that are given below in list:

  • - Html Stands for Hypertext markup language.
  • - Html is used for describing structure of a webpage.
  • - HTML can create static websites.
  • - HTML is a Markup language rather than a programming language.
  • - Html consist of a series of elements.
  • - Html elements are shown by tags.
  • - Html elements tells browser how to display content in the webpage.
  • - Html tags label pieces of content like "heading" , "paragraph" , "table " , "list" and so on.
  • - Browser don't show Html tags as it is, but it use that tags to show website content.

How HTML document looks like :

here is an Example of how an HTML documents looks like, in this example you can see it consist of tags and elements , this example is explained in detail below and you can also see output of this example below.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Page Title</title>

<h1>My First Heading</h1>
<p>My first paragraph.</p>


Output :

Html Introduction Example Image

Example explained :

  1. - In above code example <!DOCTYPE html> defines that it is an html 5 document
  2. - <html> is the root elements for an Html page which ends with </html>
  3. - <head> element contains all meta information about the document
  4. - <title> element contains title of the document
  5. - <body> element covers all of the content that is visible on browser
  6. - <h1> element defines a large Heading
  7. - <p> element defines a Paragraph

How to write an HTML tag ?

An HTML tag is written in both angular brackets, here is a syntax of tag in html below :

<tagname>Write Content Here</tagname>
  • HTML  tags are normally written in pairs like <h1> and </h1>
  • The first tag in a pair is the start tag, the second tag is the end tag
  • The end tag is written like the start tag, but with a forward slash inserted before the tag name

Where to write Html Code ?

To write HTML code normally we use any text editor like Notepad , Notepad ++ , Sublime editor , Brackets etc , But in next lecture you will see detailed content on it like how to write code in notepad or notepad++ and which features are different between them.

Web Browsers

The purpose of web browser (Chrome , Firefox , Safari , Opera ) is to read / run  HTML documents and to display them. The browser does not  display HTML tags , but uses them to determine how to display the document.

Html introduction | Web browser image | CodePlannet

Decleration of <!DOCTYPE>

The <!DOCTYPE> represents the document type, and it helps the browsers to show web pages correctly. We have to write it one time at the start of an HTML document. it is not case sensitive you can write <!doctype> as well, The Doctype decleration for html5 is

<!DOCTYPE html>

HTML Versions

here are the versions of hypertext markup language.

Version Year
HTML 1991
HTML 2.0 1995
HTML 3.2 1997
HTML 4.01 1999
XHTML 2000
HTML 5 2014




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