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University Management System - PHP / MySQL - Free Download

PHP / MYSQL Project

University management system is an online learning management system that is made in PHP and MySQL. It is complete solution to manage students online.This is a bridge between teachers , parents and admin. The main purpose of this project is to overcome the manuall erros and make a computerized method to manage University.

In this project there are 3 modules that are given below

  • 1-  Admin Module
  • 2-  Teachers Module
  • 3-  Parents / Students Module

Below you can see features of each module:

Admin Module

Here are some key features of Admin module.

  • 1-  Admin have secure login system  
  • 2-  Admin can add a new admin
  • 3-  Admin can view / edit / delete all Admins
  • 4-  Admin can add new student
  • 5-  Admin can view / edit / delete all students
  • 6-  Admin can add new teacher
  • 7-  Admin can view / edit . delete all teachers
  • 8-  Admin can add new Class
  • 9- Admin can view / edit / delete all Classes
  • 10- Admin can assign teachers to a particular class

Teachers Module

Here are some key features of teachers module :

  • 1-  Teacher have secure login system
  • 2-  Teacher can take Daily Attendence of all Students
  • 3-  Teacher can also Search Previous Attendece of all Students
  • 4-  Teacher can Add Result of all students
  • 5-  Teacher can view / Delete Notifications

Parents / Students Module

Here are some features of Parents / Students Module that are given below:

  • 1-  Parent can see results of their own Son / Daughter.
  • 2-  Parent can see Messages from Admin
  • 3-  Parent can Send Message to Admin
  • 4-  Parent can view notifications
  • 5-  Parent can view previous attendence of student

Technology Overview

Front end : HTML , CSS , JavaScript , Jquery

  • 1-  HTML is used to create web documents using any texteditor like notepad , notepad++ or sublime editor.
  • 2-  CSS is used to style web documents / webpages.
  • 3-  Javascript is a programming language commonly used with web browsers.
  • 4-  jQuery is a lightweight, "write less, do more", JavaScript library. The purpose of jQuery is to make it much easier to use JavaScript on your website.

Back end : PHP , MySQL

  • 1-  PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a technology that allows website developers to generate pages dynamically in HTML , XML or other Document types according to clients request. It is an open source programming language.
  • 2-  MySQL is a database used for running queries like inserting in database , updating data in database , deleting data from database or getting data from databse.

Software Requirements

  • - WAMP Server
  • - XAMPP Server
  • - MAMP Server
  • - LAMP Server

Installation Guide

Here are some steps, by which you can run this script at your server in localhost.

  • 1-  Download the Zip File by cliking on Download Button Below.
  • 2-  Unzip that file on your local server.
  • 3-  Copy All Files and paste in C:\xampp\htdocs if you are using XAMPP server. And if you are using WAMP Server then paste these files in C:\wamp\www folder.
  • 4-  Go to localhost/phpmyadmin in browser and then go to import option , click on choose file and upload database file/university_management.sql file from the zip file that you will download and then click on import.
  • 5-  Open website in browser by this link localhost/university mangement.

User Interface 

Login to Download

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