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Inventory Management System (POS) - Using C# and SQL Server

c# Project

Inventory management is an important aspect of any successful business. It is the process of overseeing and controlling the flow of inventory units a business uses in the production or manufacture of goods for sale or distribution. Inventories are usually made up of a combination of goods, raw materials and finished products, and effective management of these items is essential to ensure optimal stock levels and to maximize the earning potential of the company. It also allows a business to prevent or mitigate any inventory-associated losses. Inventory management software is used by businesses for various reasons: it can track the costs of inventory throughout the manufacture and sales process, tell businesses when to replenish stock, and allow them to track profits. It can also be used to forecast inventory levels and prices, as well as expected product demand.

Effective inventory management is important as not only is inventory one of the most valuable assets to a business; there is a direct link between inventory levels and company profits. Inventory represents an investment that is tied up until either the item is sold, or it is used in the production of another item that is sold. Businesses are reliant on having items in stock; otherwise customers will simply go to a competitor who can provide what they want.

However, holding inventory in stock is not without costs – storage, insurance and maintenance all must be considered. When it comes to replenishing stock levels, most management plans seek to strike a balance between having enough units when required, and ensuring supplies are not overstocked. This is why having an inventory management system can be advantageous.


  • - User will be log-in with a username and password in order to use the system
  • - The system will be able to record the sale of an item
  • - The system will be able to capture purchase information by manual entry of a product id and quantity
  • - Will be able to register new members i.e. create and store a membership record
  • - Allow for the searching and retrieval of a record using various fields for e.g. customer name, customer id, etc.
  • - Display the title and price of an item
  • - Display membership details
  • - Allow for the editing of member details (e.g. Change of address)
  • - Automated warnings on low stock levels
  • - Display member’s/customer’s account details, status etc.
  • - Reduce inventory quantities automatically when a sale /rental is committed
  • - Add item to shopping/rental cart at the time of selling an item
  • - Remove or update items in database
  • - generate total-sales reports with all of transactions order by datetime
  • - generate reciept and can work with any printer, like thermal printer or inkjet printer etc.
  • - can add any other employee
  • - employee will have less access than admin account
  • - employee will be able to make sale / purchase, but will not be able to delete any product or transaction from database
  • - The size of the system is not too much bigger, and its friendly for any version of Windows operating system.
  • - The interface is fully friendly and user can easily access any option in this software, as all of the options are well placed
  • - This software works very quick, and will require no loading, it will be reliable for all activities.
  • - Ease of use is very simple of this software because in this all options and shortcuts follow the keys from windows software, so a customer who works on widows can easily use all shortcut keys and can easily work on this software.
  • - The system should be performing its functions not only in usual routines but in unexpected circumstances as well.
  • - From the security point of view the system should have an identity confirmation system in order to keep the user’s information secure.
  • - Any unauthorized access to the application is not allowed
  • - User must allow accessing the concerned information only.
  • - User’s personal information should be secured and can’t be viewed either by the admin.
  • - The ability of a system to perform and maintain its functions in routine circumstances, as well as hostile or unexpected circumstances.
  • - The system will prevent the users from errors and allow error recovery. The system will ensure that user can only access data and services for which they have been properly authorized.
  • - It’s can easily run only 256 MB of RAM

This inventory management system project is created using c# and sql server database to help others understand  how to create their own.

User Interface :

Here is Graphical User Interface of this Inventory managemenet system (Point of Sale software), That is made using C#.











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