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Ecommerce website in PHP / MySQL - OpenCart

Open Cart Project

Ecommerce websites are online portals that facilitate online transactions of goods and services through means of the transfer of information and funds over the Internet. This website is made in So Ladz Theme of Opencart.

It is fully featured Ecommerce website. OpenCart is an online store management system. It is PHP-based, using a MySQL database and HTML components. Support is provided for different languages and currencies. In Opencart we can create any type of Ecommerce websites online.

This E-commerce site project is developed using PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript in Opencart. Talking about the project, it has all the required essential features.

This project has two roles that are given below:

  • - User
  • - Admin

User role

This project gives all essential options for users. It is fully featured ecommerce website which provide all required options to users thats why its too much difficult to explain all features of this website, however some of the features of this ecommerce website is given below:

  • - User can explore all products listed on home page
  • - User can check products by categories
  • - User can add check products description
  • - Users can add product to cart
  • - Users can add products to wishlist
  • - Users can make a quick view on products
  • - Users can compare products
  • - Users can change website language
  • - Users can change currency
  • - Users can Search any product
  • - Users can contact admin
  • - Users can make affiliate account.
  • - Users can create there account.
  • - Users can login into the system
  • - Users can see all of their orders
  • - Users can see order status

And many more.There are too many other options in this website too , you can explore other features by downloading this script and running on localhost.

Admin role

As mentioned above , as this website have too many features for users , it has too many features for Admin in Admin panel too. Here we will discuss about some features of admin other features you can see after downloading the project.

Below are some of the features of admin role.

  • - Admin have secure login system 
  • - Admin can add product categories
  • - Admin can add Products
  • - Admin can see all orders
  • - Admin can check total sales
  • - Admin can check total customers
  • - Admin can check online customers
  • - Admin can see sales report on graph
  • - Admin can see sales on world map
  • - Admin can change all system settings
  • - Admin can add extensions to this project
  • - Admin can add more languages in this project
  • - Admin can add more currencies in this website

and many more. There are too many other options that admin have in admin panel , you can check those options by downloading this ecommerce website.

User Interface

Here is Graphic User interface of this website that is given below:

Login to Download

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